Friday, February 20, 2009

Today is Friday, start the weekend! :-)

Another week come to end. My how this week flew by. My article did indeed come out in todays edition of our local paper. Unfortunately it is not available on the internet version of the paper. I sent an email to the reporter asking her to send me a copy...if I have not heard back from her by the end of the weekend I will type it up myself and post it here for everyone to read. It was a nice little article and made me very proud.

I finished the day grocery shopping and then reading hidden away in my room. ( I came home from shopping with a huge headache.) So I enjoyed finishing off the last of the 2nd book in a Gena Showalter Lords of the Underworld trilogy. It s essentially a story regard what happened after Pandora's Box was opened...and why it was opened. Gena is a fantastic paranormal romance author, if this is a genre that appeals to you, I highly recommend you visit her blogspot.

And now I'm catching up my blog before I head off to attempt a Kudzu's Whimsy style dragon. Be sure to click on the picture of her dragon to the left of my blog to view her wonderful work! :-)

Sooo for now I am gonna wrap this up and then I will be off to do some sculpting! Night for now.

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