Friday, February 6, 2009

Ok so Daily Dish might be stretching it! lol

I really am trying to remember to post every day, but yesterday was just crazy! Our Family Support group put on lunch for the soldiers yesterday. We served hot dogs and shredded chicken sandwiches, chips & mac n' cheese, and a bunch of home-made desserts. Considering we didn't advertise as well as we could have we still made almost $200. It was a great event and we are planning another one next month.

Then after lunch I had to rush over and get my nails done. And then rush to be there when H got home from school. Had to start dinner almost right away because Hubby and I had a meeting at 5:30. Or atleast I thought it was 5:30!!! LOL we showed up, kids in tow, only to discover the meeting didn't start until 6:30!!! Ugh! I hate when I mess up times like that. But I guess it's better to be early than late. lol The meeting finally wrapped up around 8ish. Made it home in time to get H and B ready for bed.

Today was a little slower, a friend came over this morning to go through my scrapbooking supplies. I scrapped for several years, until moving on to my jewelry habit.(which of course I have since moved on, to my polymer clay habit ) But anyways, she is newly married with little ones and wants to start scrapping. And since I have tons and tons of stuff I gladly willing to 'share the wealth' and pass stuff along to her. So we enjoyed spending the afternoon going through supplies and just chatting.

This evening I had a 'ladies night' with the other Support group leaders. We had a nice time just chatting and hanging out. Our host is planning a wine tasting for our next get together. Sounds like fun. :-)

Hubby is thinking about going golfing tomorrow, so I think I will alternate between laundry and claying. I'm not entirely sure what I'm gonna work on, but I'm eager to play. So hopefully I will have some new pictures to share with y'all tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone.

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