Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Geez can you believe that it's Wednesday already. Been a busy week so far. Hubby and I spent Sunday welcoming home returning troops. It always wonderful to see families reunited. We had been invited to a SuperBowl party, but due to the flight coming in later, we spent a large part of the evening at the airfield. But you know that's ok, sometimes it more important to be where friends need you. :-)

Monday was kind of a lazy day, I didn't do any claying, but did some shopping and planning for an upcoming lunch fundraiser. Tuesday was busy, busy. Got up early to get our taxes done. (I do so enjoy that. and thankfully our trip to go see The Mouse ;-) is all set to go! :-D ) Then I had a lunch meeting. Came home and cooked dinner, and shredded a chicken for sandwiches tomorrow. Then off to Walmart for my new camera!

I LOVE my new camera. It's a FujiFilm S1000. I needed a camera that takes good close-up or macro shots. My new camera not only has a macro setting it has a Super-Macro setting!!! Yeah. I took some quick shots of a turtle piece I have done just paying with it last night. I put them into a collage a bit ago to see how they look! I am THRILLED with this new camera. And it was as steal too at only $189 including the carry case!

Well off to change my clothes to go do some more shopping, then get my nails done, then got baking to do as well as church tonight. So I guess I gotta get scooting. Until tomorrow. :-)

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