Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So yesterday was another busy day for me, I babysat in the morning, ran my hubby lunch and then off to Hobby Lobby for supplies to make hubby a bulletin board for work. Then came home to make dinner and head to a meeting. Thankfully I had a little time in the morning while I baby sat to put some pieces together. I finished my yellow and green anemones, and added a head to my mermaid. I also sculpted a little cf-style sea turtle and an octopus too. My sons LOVE the octopus. I gotta say I adore him too. And he look so much better once I sdded as little brown paint to antique him. Oh yeah I also added 'nemo's' stripes! I think he looks fantastic.

Today is more laundry, and more sculpting. I'm gonna work on some more fish, and try and figure out what other coral, anemones and critters should be in my mermaids garden. Come to think of it I need to decide what to call my mermaid. She needs a name!

Well I'm off for now, talk with y'all later!


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