Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well just a quick little post today, nothing new to share. I've been doing laundry all day long, well that and surfing the internet. This blogging thing can get many neat blogs to read! But thankfully the laundry is almost done, and I don't have much planned for tomorrow. The only thing I have to do tomorrow is pick up Valetine's cards and candy for my son for school on Friday. After that...I'm claying!!!! More fishies, coral and maybe even some tiny seahorses and a giant clam.

Why a giant clam...well I have decided that since my mermaid is resting in her sea garden she needs a lounge chair. And what better lounge chair for a mermaid than a giant clam! :-D I am going to sculpt the shell from clay and then take some satin and hand paint it. (cause if you aren't familiar with giant clams...the insides come in amazing colors and patterns!) So those are my plans for tomorrow and into the weekend. Hubby is off from work on Friday and then he AND the boys are off on Monday. So we shall see how much I can do.

Wishing everyone a great Thursday!

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