Saturday, February 21, 2009


I got some sculpting done last night! I decided to try my hand at creating a Kudzu's Whimzy style dragon. If you aren't familiar...I urge you to visit Sally and view her amazing work at Sally is not only an amazing artist, but a generous one as well. She graciously shared a tutorial on how she creates her awesome dragons!!! So with many hearty thanks to Sally, I'd like to introduce you to Blaze!

I had a wonderful time creating him, and am just thrilled with how he turned out. I'm hoping Auntie Sally is as pleased with him. I couldn't have done it without her! :-)


  1. He's GREAT ! (can't say that o/c thinking of Tony the Tiger :) really - I love his coloring and he's got a wonderful profile. I like the pic taken from his tail - that's a wonderful shot. And I don't normally go for sparkly eyes myself - they always make my creatures look crazy but it soooo works for Blaze. It really looks like he's got a firey gaze !

  2. I know what you mean I think of Tony every time I say it too! lol Thanks. I just love how he turned out. Already got another one creeping around in my head, wanting to come out and play too.

  3. Wow!! You did a great job!! Dolores


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