Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Geez, here it is Wednesday already. Where oh where has the week gone? Hubby and I spent Sunday afternoon and early evening awaiting returning troops. It's always wonderful to see so many families reunited! We were supposed to go to a SuperBowl Party afterwards, but the flight didn't get in until later in the afternoon. So we ended up not heading out until after 9. But sometimes it's more important to be around when friends need you.

Monday was a busy day and sadly no claying got done. Our spouses group is having a lunch fundraiser tomorrow, so I spent Monday making up a flier and doing some shopping with my co-leader. Tuesday was busy too, early to rise to get our taxes done, then an afternoon meeting. Came home made dinner, worked on shredding chicken for sandwiches tomorrow, (ugh still have another chicken to shred tonight, not to mention baking to do!) and then I drove out to Wal-mart to buy my new camera.

My new camera is sooooo cool! It's a FujiFilm S1000, I got it for $189, including a case! It has a macro and a super macro feature. (that's for close-up and super close-up shots.) Which for posting pics of my clay work is so important for me. I took a few pics of my turtle piece just to try it out. I just can't get over how amazing these pics look! I now need to rephotograph ALL my pics for my store! Ugh can't say I'm looking forward to that but "A picture is worth a thousand words!" And to have a good looking store, means having great looking pictures!


  1. That is one great steam punked turtle there! Great job!!

  2. Thanks so much! Christi makes it so easy to learn. I had a hard time steampunking the hearts, but the turtle and my lion were fun and easy.


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