Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday 2-8-09

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Mine has been well intersting, to say the least. We had a friend over last night who is going through a rough patch, and that was great. But in the midst of it we get a call from a wife to find out things at her house were bad. So needless to say that brought the 'party' to a screeching halt. So it was a long night with calls coming and going helping her out. It ended up being after 3am this morning before we made it to bed. *sigh*

I had planned on claying today, but can't seem to find the motivation. Does any one else ever get like that. Real life getting in the way of your creative mojo? Any suggestions on getting over it. I'm sure I'll think of something, for now I'm gonna just play around online in between loads of laundry.

I did take a bunch of pics with my new camera yesterday, so I'll share some of them. You can also see many more of my things (taken with my new camera, of course ;-) ) on my website

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