Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ugh another week gone

Well gee here it is Sunday again already. Another weekend gone and well I honestly haven't gotten anything done! lol Hubby and I took our youngest out on Friday for haircuts. He and I both went drastically shorter. His hair was down to the middle of his shoulders, he loved it, but was tired of people mistaking him for a girl. :-( So he decided he wanted it cut. He looks adorable now. We are all happy with it and no more being mistaken for a girl. Me, well I decided thst since I wear my hair up 90% of the time, I decided to cut mine short too! It's was a huge shock, but I really like it. I don't have any pics yet, but will get hubby to take some so I can share my new look with y'all!

We enjoyed our Family Friday Movie Night with the kiddos watching Igor. It was a cute movie, but very un-disney-like. Not sure I would recommend it to everyone, but if your sense of humor is kind of warped you'll probably enjoy it! lol

Saturday Hubby and I went out for the day...we bought a 96 Mustang back in October and I loved having a sports car. Hubby likes it too, but it's his work car. And he really prefers a 4 cylinder as opposed to the V-6 of the Mustang. So he really wanted something different. So we decided to go looking for something both sporty AND a 4-banger. Something that would make us both happy. OH and BTW did I mention we couldn't spend more than about $1000 after trading the Mustang. Well wouldn't you know we actaully found something!!! We found a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire CONVERTIBLE!!!! For $2600, and the lot gave us $1600 for our Mustang! I was amazed. So our Valetines gift to one another was another car!

We spent the rest of the day just driving around. Window shopping and just enjoying being together. We came home and made dinner for the boys. TV dinners, they love 'em! Then I saute'd some various mushrooms and cooked us some bacon-wrapped steaks. We enjoyed a nice quiet dinner and then enjoyed some time playing the Wii with the boys. I bought them BoomBlox, it's basically jenga on steriods. Both hubby and the oldest say its addicting. So we had a very nice Valentines day. I hope everyone else enjyoed their day with loved ones.

As of yet no claying done, however I did dye some crepe doll wool for her hair. I love the color but am not sure if I am going to be happy with the texture. I will have to see how it dries first. I have some Tibetan lambs wool coming soon, So I might use that instead. Oh I also found the perfect shell for her 'lounger' out in the garage. I had forgottten that 2 summers ago I took the boys down to Mobile for vacation. While there we went to Dauphin Island and the boys collected 2 jars full of great seashells. I found a wonderful larger rectangular shell in the jars that will suit her perfectly. I'm still going to paint some satin and line the shell with it, that way it looks alive, and will be much comfier for her.

Well that's it for today, no claying done. Hopefully I can get some in tomorrow. Enjoy the evening all!

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