Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ugh ok how about Weekly Words! LOL

Yikes can you believe it's Thursday already! This week has just flown by. Monday was a crazy day...I spent it cleaning and reorganizing my kitchen/studio, in preparation for the reporter from our local paper to come out. It was a bit of well I like to call it organized chaos. Hubby just called it a mess! LOL I do so much better when I know I have a deadline to deal with. A good friend called it pressure cleaning! That seems to definitely fit me.

Tuesday started with another call from the reporter...she was canceling her face to face interview and wanted to know if we could do it over the phone. I was a little disappointed but quickly said yes to the phone interview. We had a wonderful time talking and she asked me to take a few photographs of the hearts I will be teaching. She later emailed me and mentioned that if I might be teaching the hearts "with all the watch gears" on it. She loved my Steampunk turtle and said that if I was, then they might be able to use the turtle pic too. So I'm going to be on the look out for a large cache of watch gears. I sent her several pics of hearts as well as the turtle. She sent me a copy of the write-up that will be in tomorrow's paper. I don't know what pics she used (if any) but I will link the article tomorrow! :-)

Wednesday was a busy day...the leaders of 4 of the 5 spouses groups got together to put on a lunch fundraiser for the command and staff. I made a large crockpot full of chicken alfredo. Lunch went well although a little small...each spouse group made about $40 for our group. Not great, but not bad either. My group has another lunch next week. We are doing hot dog and BBQ pulled pork sandwich plates. Hopefully we will do very well.

Today was kind of a lazy day...slept late, talked to my mom, and then spent the afternoon reading and answering emails. I packed up my laptop today to ship off to HP. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I broke my A key earlier this week. I managed to catch my fingernail under the corner of it and it popped up! Talk about frustrating! It couldn't have been the X or the K it had to be the A...I use that key ALL the time! LOL But the good news is, I called HP and they are fixing it for free. So I'm using hubby's laptop in the meantime.

Tomorrow is a pretty easy day...just gotta go grocery shopping. Hopefully....and heck I even say that hopefully! LOL I can do some claying tomorrow. I got a great shipment of Tibetan wool, beach sand and seashells today. I am very excited to get more done on my mermaid. I think I'm gonna tackle hands. Once her hands are done, I can paint her features and give her a gorgeous head of hair. :-)

So I'll be back if I can manage it tomorrow. If not y'all have a wonderful weekend.

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