Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, Monday!

I was woken this morning my a jarring ring, ring of my phone. Now granted it was 10am, but we tend to be night owls on weekends and holidays. Oh wait who am I kidding...we are always night owls! LOL But we like to sleep in on weekends and holidays. Oh wait, got side tracked...back to, my morning wake up call. So I am listening to the answering machine downstairs, and I hear this woman talking about the Women's Conference I was asked to teach my polymer clay hearts at in March. So I grabbed the phone and said "hello". Next thing I know I have agreed to do an interview with our local paper about my polymer clay work to promote the conference!!! That's the good news...bad news is she's coming here to my house tomorrow afternoon! :-$ eek!!! Let's just say I would greatly benefit from a cleaning service if we could afford one! LOL But thankfully I also work well under pressure, SOOOOOO instead of claying today I spent the day scrubbing, sweeping, and straightening! I have a bit more to do in the morning, but the reporter won't be here until around 3:30 tomorrow. So I'm not stressing...yet! LOL

I will be one of a few teachers featured in the article, and hopefully it will be available on their website. If so I will most definitely share the link. :-) I am very excited if not a little nervous too. But I look forward to telling you all about it tomorrow.
So for now have a wonderful night!


  1. That is wonderful news ! ! ! Be sure to share when it comes out ! And I completely understand -I'm a pressure cleaner too - I can get a house done 50 times faster when I know someone is coming over ;)

  2. Well the reporter called this morning and basically canceled the face-to-face interview. But we talked on the phone for about 20 minutes and did the interview that way. I will definitely post the article when it comes out.
    I'm glad to know I'm not the only pressure cleaner! BTW I love that term. :-)


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