Thursday, April 16, 2009

Claying away the day!

Ah it's been wonderful to be back in to my clay. Today I decided to try my hand at making polymer clay cakes...I made a 2 tiered autumn themed cake, a red velvet round, a rectangle red velvet and 4 little r.v. cupcakes. I also made a chocolate ganache round cake as well. I think I annoyed my hubby though with them...he came home from work and I told him I baked cakes today...he stood there sniffing the air looking puzzled. I pointed out the little cakes on the counter...well let's just say he was hoping for REAL I think I'll bake him a cake tomorrow to make up for the tease. :-)

I also took pics of all the other little goodies I made over the weekend and before we went on vacation. Please visit my flickr site to see them all!


  1. Those cakes look good enough to eat!! You are very talented!

  2. Thank you so much! They were definitely loads of fun. I think I want to check into getting some fruit canes...caning has never been my thing, so I think I will search out my fabulous claying friends out there!


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