Sunday, April 12, 2009

Girly Comments & Graphics

I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter! Whether you are spending the day at church or hunting easter eggs, I hope you will cherish your time spent with family. Our Easter has been well...untraditonal. LOL Since we spent last week at Disney, we really didn't do any of the normal Easter prep. No dying eggs, no big meal...heck I didn't even do up baskets for the kiddos. It was a little odd not to do those things, but I do believe that the boys really enjoyed our vacation. (even with the cold winds and the long lines! LOL)

So today I tossed all the candy I had bought into a bowl and presented it as 'the basket' I honestly don't think the boys was candy and that's all that mattered! I made tuna and rice casserole for dinner...we are finishing that now. So I guess today was really just another day for us. Oh and my sister flew back to Ohio today too. Luv ya sis!!! Hope you can adjust to the 40 degree weather! hehehe.

I have been busy claying off and on all day today. I have made several pens and am currently attempting to make a Macaw. I've made a couple little songbirds before, but nothing like this. So we shall see. :-)

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

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