Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Night Movie Night!!!

Normally on Friday's I cook munchie type foods and we as a family gather and watch a movie or 2. It was a tradition I started with the boys during my husbands last deployment. Thankfully he enjoys the tradition as well. Tonight was supposed to be no different, we have Bedtime Stories and Return to Witch Mountain. (hubby and I loved this set growing up and want the boys to see the original before the newest one comes out) Sadly we didn't watch our movies tonight, but will do so tomorrow. But I friend Jean blogged today about her favorite movies. I started to comment about my own faves on her blog, but then decided to keep my answer short there and blog about my own faves here.

So here they are in honestly no particular order.

--Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2,& 3--what can I say...Johnny Depp AND Orlando Bloom! mmmm yummy And throw in a good dose of humor and the fact that it's a movie set that my WHOLE family enjoys! This series is a keeper for me! (BTW I took this picture in the PotC ride at Disney! :-) )

--Chocolat Ok maybe there is a little theme going here...another fantastic
Johnny Depp Movie (BTW this link will take you to the trailer for Chocolat. ;-) )

--Beauty and the Beast, yep the Disney cartoon...I love this movie, and I am a sappy romantic at heart. And yes I will admit to crying at several points in it too!

--EverAfter Yep another romantic comedy...Drew Barrymore shines in this Cinderella story.

--The Indiana Jones series...mmmm Harrison Ford mmmm I Love Indy!!! Leather bomber jackets and Fedoras are mighty hot!!!

I know there are others that I love watching but these are the ones that I reach for when I actually get a chance to pick the movie! I hope you enjoyed my little romp through the silver screen...come on share...what are your favorite movies!

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