Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slow Wednesday

Although I was busy pretty much all day today it was still pretty much a slow day. This morning little man and I went grocery shopping, came home made dinner and then off to church we went. Right now I'm watching Ghost Hunters. I love that show! I think I'm going through clay withdrawals. I haven't clayed in 2 days!!! Thankfully I don't have anything planned tomorrow, so it's clay all day!!!

I am planning to try making some miniature foods. There are so many beautiful pieces of polymer clay foods out there and I want to give it a try! I'm hoping to have several pieces to photograph tomorrow to share with y'all. I still have to decide what to do about the 6000 pictures I took while on vacation...I'm hesitant to upload them to my laptop for fear the poor thing will explode with overload! LOL

But either way I plan on having bunches of pretties to share tomorrow! Well GH is back on so I'm off for now! Have a great night and until tomorrow...happy crafting!

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