Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Ah yet another rainy day! Um I think this is like 5 out of the last 6 days that it has rained. Urgh! I am so not a rain person...Well actually I like the rain, it's just the grey-ness that goes with it that I am not fond of. Cause I actually LOVE storms, the crash of the thunder, the flash of the lightening! I just love them. Summer storms are best when they come in without the rain. I love sitting on the porch just watching them. But these last few days have just been so darned grey! I am really looking forward to heading to sunny Fla this weekend. If I haven't mentioned it before we are taking the boys & my sister to Disney! My boys have no clue! *evil laugh* We are staying in the cabins at Disney for 6 days. We might stay in FLA for an extra day and go to the beach on Saturday. Hopefully we will have wonderful weather while on vacation.
Hmm what else...oh I am going to be working a craft fair in May, so I am trying to build up my polymer clay stock. I've been working on some little thing lately, like pens and pendants. Just quick stuff over the last few days. I probaly won't make anything new until after we get back from Disney on Easter Sunday. But that gives me about 4 weeks to make more stuff. My goal is to make 3 dragons each week, as well as several smaller pieces each day. Hopefully I can follow through with that.
Well I have rambled on for a bit to fold! LOL
Until tomorrow

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