Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today's Goodies & I was Inspired by Another Blog!

Today was a pretty productive day, craft wise and other wise. I started off the morning with the littlest one and me going up to middle son's school to watch him do his 1 mile run...Little man and I even joined him for the last half mile. They ran, I walked! :-)
Then Little man and I came home and had popsicles (it hit the 90's today!!!!), and he played the Wii while I got my books together for an upcoming inspection at my husbands unit.

Once 'work' was done it was time to play...I decided to take a break from mini making and make some more pieces for my upcoming craft fair. (barely 2 weeks away!!!)
So I made an adorable Potted Flower. These pics just don't do the colors justice...I'll try to get better pics of everything tomorrow. I also made a cute little cf-style flower fairy, but she just came out of the oven, so pics tomorrow.
The Harvest Angel is actually a piece I made back in the Fall, and my mom has spoken for her...but I realized I had no pics of her. I was playing with my camera and got down on the floor with our dog Zeus. The old man is such a good dog, especially since he turned 11 in January. I think he's such a handsome boy, don't you!

Earlier today while reading through my blogs, I came across an entry at Katie's Clay Corner about her miniature gift bags, made from calendars and wrapping paper. Well, I got to thinking...I have tons of scrapbook paper out in the garage, and I need some kind of cute little bags for my craft fair for earrings...SOOOOO I searched on the internet for some free templates and made some sample bags! Personally I like the purple style better, one it's actually a little easier to put together, and (once I use the right size hole punch) I think it'll be the sturdier of the two. So tomorrow I am gonna print off a whole mess of bags, cut 'em out and glue 'em up! Thanks Katie for the inspiration!!!

Well it's late and hubby is already in Nighty Night all!

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  1. Sorry for missing this post earlier....Glad you thought about the scrapbooking paper....I did my very first bags and mini shoeboxes using scrapbooking paper, and I must say it is much stronger than the calendars!! I love how you made some for your earrings...Your customers will love that! Must say...I was pretty speechless to see you talking about my blog, thanks for making a girl smile!


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