Monday, April 27, 2009

More New Goodies!

I took these pics last night and even uploaded them to my flickr...BUT duh I completely forgot to post 'em here! Eeeek, granted it was 3 am when I posted them, so maybe I can use that as an excuse! LOL
Up first are my dragon head pendants...a gorgeous bronzy gold one , (he is nowhere as red in real life...bad 2am photography LOL) and the second is a Faux Turquoise one. I had intended to make a full dragon from the turq, but discovering last night that it does blend, smooth or roll well, well I won't be! After he gets baked, he'll get a coating of Silver Leaf Pen on his horns.
Next are my newest miniatures...Candles and soap. The large 3 wick candle is about 1/2in in diameter. I just love the way they turned out and will be doing more in loads of different colors! :-)

I got several new clay books today, including Christi Friesen's new Bird Book, Donna Kato's Millefiore book, and an amazing book for making realistic clay flowers. I sooooo wanna clay, but I need to go scouring my house for stuff for my yard sale! Ahhh well...gotta have this yard sale to make $ to buy oldest son a new bed, and hopefully some more clay! :-D

Ok I gotta turn of the laptop, other wise I will sit here all day! Y'all have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Your comment on my blog earlier made me laugh...Glad you liked the bathroom!

    Hey...I really like these candles, the dripping one looks really good.... And I didn't realize Christi had a new book out...I'll have to check that out. Polymer clay is one of my favorite mediums, but since I've started building dollhouses...I've been getting a little away from my Sometimes you just have to sit down with the clay and see where it takes you, huh! :)


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