Saturday, April 11, 2009

Peeps Part 2

Step 1...Gently stand up the tear-drop and press to flatten. It should stand up on it's own.
Step 2...Score the bottom of the tear-drop. This will allow the liquid clay to permeate and makes for a better seal.
Step 3...Add a drop of liquid clay and smoosh (yep its a technical term! :-) )it into the score lines.
Step 4...Place tear-drop onto the flattened pieces. I generally put it just back a bit from the front edge.
Step 5...Smooth and blend the front edge of the tear-drop into the want it to appear seamless.
Step 6...Bend the tip of the tear-drop down towards the front-edge of the base. You now have a naked Peep! We will sugar them in the next step!

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