Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh my Minis!

Well Thank goodness I think I finally figured out my picture trouble. I think my circuits were a little I cleared my cache and also recycled about 800 pics and documents that were clogging up my harddrive! I had no idea there was that much junk sitting there! Eeek!
Ok so here are some of the pieces I've been working on over the last couple of days! I started out making strawberry and kiwi fruti canes...they are smaller than the eraser of a pencil. Then I made little tarts to put the fruit in. The largest one is about 1 1/2 inches across, the little ones are about a half inch. The little ones still need their 'glaze' but other than that, I like 'em!

Next is a dragon necklace. I was going through dragon withdrawals, but didn't have the time to make a full size one. Soooo I decided to just make my favorite part. The here is my dragon head necklace. And how exciting, he is already spoken for, was shortly after I posted him for my groups to view. I am currently working on another one too!

"oh so lo mi o" For some reason every time I think of Pizza, this pops into my head! This is a mini pizza about the size of a 50 cent piece, or about 1 1/2 inches. I made the pepperoni, mushroom, green pepper and black olive canes. (granted my olives have no holes, but I am pretty sure I would have drilled a hole through my finger had I tried to 'hole' the olives! LOL) I baked all the canes including bricks of cheese colors. I made the crust, added the sauce and then after the canes were done I sliced them thin and added to the pizza. A few brushes of liquid polymer clay to keep everything together and it's Pizza Time!!!

Thanks for being patient with my picture troubles. Hopefully it's good for now. Off to read through all my favorite blogs and then back to sculpting! Night y'all!

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  1. it looks yummy, mmmm delicious, very well done.


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