Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wow Tuesday Already!

Sadly no claying today, had to take the oldest to the eye dr's to get contacts. His glasses broke last night! We decided to get him contacts as he has a very narrow nose bridge, and has trouble keeping his glasses where they belong. So he got contacts today...he struggled a bit getting them in at first but is getting better. He already really likes them. :-)

I made several mini's yesterday, and jsut finished taking pics of them...but for some reason all of my memory cards seem to be on the fritz....grr...one says Write Error, and the other 2 will display the pics on my camera, but when I plug 'em into my SD slot on my laptop it says they are blank!!! URGH!!!!

So anyways...I made a 9x13 batch of Lemon Squares (well 9x13 in doll size anyways! LOL) I also made a couple of cheese wheels, and one large strawberry-kiwi tart and 4 smaller strawberry & kiwi tarts. I still need to glaze those, but once I do I will take pics again, and hopefully this time I will actually be able to share the pics with you guys!

Gonna try to get some more claying done tomorrow...I have a pizza on my tile waiting for toppings. I have a block of Mozzerella, and one of Cheddar, 2 mushroom canes, and 2 pepperoni canes as well. Gotta bake them tomorrow so I can finish my pizza.

Y'all have a great night,

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