Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Disney Picture

Today's pic is a topiary Tink from Disney...I had so much fun taking pics while we were there...I would have loved to have spent the day taking pics, but it was my idea to go, so I didn't stop as often as I would have liked! LOL
I haven't been able to get started on my dress yet...was gonna do it yesterday, but after a call from one of my oldest son's teacher I was in a rather crabby mood. let's jsut say my son decided to 'protest' a perceive injustice by NOT doing an assigned project. *sigh* While I applaud his idealology...this was not the correct way to go about it. So anyways he was up until Midnight at the table doing the make-up project!
And today is being spent back and forth at the middle sons school...he recieve'd a Master Mathmatician Award form his 2nd grade teacher, then this afternoon he is in the Gifted Class hopefully I can start cutting out my fabric for my dress tonight.

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