Friday, May 22, 2009


Hmmm I'm sister and I just got back from taking a 50 minute walk through neighborhood. We took a set of stairs from one street to the next one that I swear wasn't gonna end...lots of hills too...good workout. We are planning on walking every night if the weather permits.
Today everyone but my sister was home today, kiddos had no school and hubby was off from work. Our oldest is out for the year and the middle son has Tuesday & Wednesday yet. Then off until late July for the oldest and early August for the younger 2...Yep my baby will start Pre-K this year. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I am excited for him, cause he has been wanting to go to school for a couple years now, and wasn't able to go last year due to an October birthday. But at the same time it's kind of empty nest syndrome...I don't plan on going back to work this year as he will only be in a half day, but I will be able to volunteer more for both him and the middle one. I know it'll be fine but I can't help being kinda melancholy about it.
No dress work today...slept late, went grocery shopping, spent over and hour on the phone placing a $3000 FireMountain bead order, (no, not all mine, gotta love group buys!)made homemade pizza, and then like I said took a long walk. Tomorrow is all about dress making!!! So hopefully I will have some pics of well something tomorrow!
Another of my pics from Disney...I think this was in Epcot at the agricultral area...wouldn't these be cool to replicate in clay!!! Enjoy!

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