Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Artist of the Week!!!

This week we get to meet the amazing Sally Golubosky of Kudzu's Whimzy!(her store) When many polymer clay artists think of dragons, Sally's fabulously detailed dragons(her blog) often come to mind! Sally is the amazing artist behind the dragons I have created. So it is with great pleasure that I feature Sally today! BTW Sally makes the most adorable teddy bears too! (as a matter of fact you can join in and learn how to make them through PolyClayPlay)

1. What brought you into your chosen craft or art?
1. I was tired of working from other people's work. I was a porcelain doll maker for years and really didn't want to pour molds any more. I had a hard time calling it "my' artwork when I was painting someone else's sculpt.
2. Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?
2. I have three. Two of them are sold. I really loved Broch, little purple dragon with heart candy and Duncan who was green and had knot work on his body. The one I still have is Loki.
3. What would you tell someone who would like to venture into creating?
3.Go for it! It is always good to try something new. The only advice is not to go buy every single thing that goes with that hobby before you know if you are going to like. Been there done that! Look for a group or guild for good advice and others who are learning the same thing. It is easier when you can bounce ideas about and share your work.

I hope you will visit Sally, and maybe even take the time to try out one of her awesome tutorials available in her blog or on PolyClayPlay.

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