Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sun and Math Don't Mix!

LOL...I decided to recount the 20 dollar bills this morning...I'm glad I did...I guess standing in the hot sun for 10 hours yesterday kinda scrambled my brain! LOL Somehow I went from counting the 20 dollar bills to counting by 20's! We actually made about $500 rather than the 7 I thought last night. BUT that is still an amazing amount so I am thoroughly pleased. This may put a damper in our bed-shopping plans (atleast for us, anyways) but that's ok.
This just goes to show that when you have been standing in the hot sun for 10 hours...let someone else count! LOL
So now that my yard sale is complete, it's time to shift my focus to polymer starting this evening I will be back at my kitchen table claying away. so hopefully from tonight until next Friday I will have loads of new clay items to share with y'all!
Have a wonderful Sunday y'all! Until tomorrow (or later tonight!)


  1. ...I've been wanting to pull out my caly and play too.....So, whatcha plan on making??? Don't have too much fun!

  2. Didn't really plan on making anything...or I should say I had no idea what I was gonna make. But I'll take pics a little later to show what I DID make. :-)


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