Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Troubling Tuesday

Sorry folks I know normally I do my Artist of the Week Feature today, but due to...well my own procrastination...I will do it tomorrow. So please be sure to check back tomorrow for my Awesome Artist of the Week!!!
I would also like to say Hi to my newest friend...Kat the Hat Lady. She is a miniaturist who makes the most adorable hats and pretties to go with them. (Kat if I may link to your blog, please let me know! :-) )
As for my procrastination...well I waited until yesterday to make my gown for the Ball on Friday night...and I would like to just cry!!!! It looks horrible!!! One that gorgeous blue color, well what looked gorgeous on the bolt...looks like hospital scrubs/ gown horrible blue! Ugh! Add to that, the cut of the gown is jsut awful! All in all it was a horrible flop! Thank goodness we have the extra money, hopefully, please somebody say a prayer, or whatever y'all believe...that I can find a dress to fit and look good. Oh and to top it all off I bought WAY too much fabric too...I've got like 5 YARDS leftover!!!! Whaaaaaaaa.....
Ok I am over my pity party, been looking online at some of the stores in the area, and have found several promising dresses. Hopefully someone will have something in my size in stock! :-) Wish me luck.


  1. soooo sorry - i hate when you have a great idea in your head and it just doesn't come out the way you envisioned ... happens a lot to me :( wish i had one of those replicators like on star trek. then i'd just say what i want and it'd come out done and perfect.
    finished story please ... oh and how about a beautiful cover illustration ... :D

  2. Thankfully everything all worked out in the end...and I am sure I'll come up with something to use all 8 yards of sparkly hosptial scrubs blue material for! LOL...Oooooh I want a replicator too!!! Gosh that would be so handy to have on hand!


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