Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thank you!!!

To everyone who sent me good wishes for my yard sale today...Thank you!!! I had a fantastic day! I sold nearly 1/2 of all I had made almost $700 dollars!!!! Talk about being stunned! I had no idea I had made that much until I started counting my cash box! Tomorrow, hubby and I are going to go looking for a new bed for us...if we can find one within our price range, we will pass our Full size on to our oldest son. If not, well he gets a new twin size bed. So it's bed shopping tomorrow.
Now I am off to try and stay awake long enough to read through my blog list...then I think I'm calling it a night...10 hours in the sun and I am sore, tired and well sunburned. Why is it that I can remember to slather my kiddos I sunscreen but can never remember to put it on myself! LOL
Hope everyone has had a great Saturday, wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!


  1. $700! Congratulations and happy bed shopping.

  2. Congratulations you did really well.

  3. Thanks ladies, although I recounted this morning and realized that I miscounted a bit...only made about 5oo...BUT that is still an amazing number! Looking forward to getting a new bed!!!


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