Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome and New Goodies

First of all I would like to welcome Doreen to my blog. She is a fantastic miniaturist with not one but 2 blogs. Her Projects blog and her Miniatures blog both showcase her amazing work. I hope you will stop bye and visit her!

Yesterday I started once again on my journey into claying. My goal this week is to get my stock built up for this weekends craft show. So I made a pair of adorable little mice, a pair of cf-style turtles, some red mini candles and matching soaps, oh and I added some of my faux turquoise to some great metal frames. All the pieces still need their final finishes on them...but I am very happy!
Part of today will be spent getting my sister situated, then back to my clay table. Not sure what I'm gonna work on today, but by this evening I will hopefully have another collage full of new work!
Oh I almost forgot about the signature cane I made...well tried making. Grrr I was real careful about using only Premo! translucent to pack the cane, but made the mistake of using a silver MIX clay for the was either ALL Sculpey III or atleast had some in when I reduced the cane the letters smooshed and got I will have to try that cane again...but I took a slice to show off what it SHOULD look like. :-)


  1. I love your turquosie charms! They are really pretty!! And the turtles.....and the mini scene!!! You got a lot done last night, huh!!! The collage is a neat way to show them off! Cool!

    ....keep trying with the cane, lol.....I, too, hate it when that happens!!

  2. Thanks Katie. I had a blast with the turquoise...I am gonna try making some marbles and other 'veined' stones too. I just won't make as much! LOL I have enough faux turquoise to well probably last a lifetime!
    I'm glad you like the collages...I find it works really well to show off a lot of images in a small space.
    I will definitely make another that I have made it once I know exactly what I am doing, this time I will make sure to use the right clay through out!

  3. yeah ! the turquoise are fabulous !


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