Saturday, May 23, 2009

Slow Saturday

Hmmm didn't really do much of anything today...well that's not really true...continuing with the laundry adventure...never-ending adventure with 5 people in the house. (my sister makes 6 but she's been doing her own.) So loads of laundry...hahaha no pun intended...No dress making today either...thank goodness this is a relatively easy dress. Doubt I'll get to it tonight either, UFC is on tonight. But then again it's not on until 10 so if I turn of the laptop, um NOW...I might get the pieces cut out by then. Hmm anyone think I can do that...yeah me neither. Oh well. In my spare time I have been sketching ideas out for the mini Quilt Shop/Sewing Class Room I want to make for my mom. She will turn 60 this December so I am thinking this will be a fantastic combined birthday/Christmas gift. I plan on 'tileing' the floors in quilt pattern designs. I have sketched out several pieces of furniture that I want to make as hopefully over the next few months you'll be seeing that come into being as well as my other clay projects.

Hmm still debating on turning off the I'll leave you with another pic from Disney...this one of Kermit the frog...BTW I had no idea they were associated with Disney! LOL

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  1. I have a laundry mountain too! But there is only myself, my husband and the dog so where it all comes from I just don't know? ha ha! Plus do you find when you wash socks ones always goes missing???? Love the kermit ballon!


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