Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hooray for the SUN!!!

Ah how lovely, we are into our third straight day of sunshine! I am a happy girl! Yesterday, we took the kiddos to the park, I spent much of the afternoon taking pictures. I am considering adding them to my etsy website for sale...these are some of them...any one have an opinion? I am looking for constructive criticism and suggestions.
I have a rather basic mid-grade camera. Nothing super fancy, although I have both Macro and Super Macro settings. I think I enjoyed shooting the dragonflies the most...the blue one pictured here 'posed' for me through 6 or 7 shots. It was very neat seeing the different color patterns and sizes as I photographed them. Granted I set myself up to nearly get beaned in the head by wayward golf balls, but thankfully hubby warned me I was moving into his range. :-)
This picture I love...not sure what it is about it, but it really speaks to me. It's a wonderful expression of the will to hold on. Strength, beauty, tenacity...hmmm sounds like the very description of WOMAN.
I took several shots up through the canopy of trees. I love the startburst, or I guess technially sunburst effect. I hope you will enjoy these pics as much as I do. Again I would love to hear any and all comments on my pics.


  1. yeah, the last two are my favs - i have a thing for trees and green growy things though :) constructive criticism ? ok - the little cloud in the upper right corner of the top photo keeps drawing my eye away from the dandelion. maybe if the dandelion itself was in that spot ? other than that ... nothing. beautiful pictures.

  2. I like them alot! Why not add them to your etsy store? The dragonfly is my fav!

  3. Thanks ladies! Ban, I absolutely see what you are saying...thank goodness for the CROP tool! LOL
    Dolores, I love the dragonfly too! I have several dragonfly pics. This one is one of my faves since you can see the veins of the wings. I think before I list them in my etsy shop I am going to have the ones I want to list printed out as 8x10s first. That way I can make sure they still look nice and clear and crisp. You ladies have encouraged me to keep taking pics and hopefully someone will like them too! :-) Thanks!


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