Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Artist of the Week!

This week I am showcasing Nichol of Mossy Creek Designs Nichol is not only an amazing polymer clay artist, she has a fabulous way with pencils and ink and colors as well. Many of her works can be seen throughout her blog.
So without further ado, here is Nichol's 'interview'!

1. What brought you into your chosen craft or art?

i assume you are asking about polymer clay :) i've always been interested in art ... crammed every free moment i had in high school in the art room - went to college for illustration and have tried almost every craft out there including clay but i didn't focus on it until the spring/summer of 2003. my sister and i had been making beaded jewelery and selling our stuff at home parties but i could never find the right focal beads so ... i decided to make my own. my tastes have always favored things that are organic so i went weed picking and made my first 'fossil' beads.

2. Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?

yeah, i have a few that i can't part with. with the exception of the griffin/geode sculpture they have all been accidents though. we make batches of fossil beads at a time for our shows and every once in awhile one calls out and says 'don't sell me!' ... so i don't.

3. What would you tell someone who would like to venture into creating?

practice, practice, practice ... this holds with any form of art (drawing, writing, sculpting, photography, painting ... ) the more you do something, the more it becomes second nature. it also gives you the time you need to develop your style and discover what your strong and weak points are.


  1. Her work is awesome.
    You've been tagged.... you're it!

  2. Isn't it just amazing Shanna! Ok I've been tagged, now what? :-)

  3. hmmmmm ... should have forwarded some better pictures for you to showcase (i've got a bigger selection on myspace - those etsy ones kinda stink) but i've been soooo out of the loop lately - i apologize Deborah, you're such a sweetie for featuring me *blush* please forgive :(

    thank you Shanna, you're very generous !

    and don't let her fool ya gals/guys - Deborah's a GREAT artist herself and so generous ! i'm gonna make her artist of the month on my site ;)


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