Sunday, May 24, 2009

Soggy Sunday& Dress Update

More rain today...I think it's been almost 2 weeks since we had a day that wasn't overcast or rainy! I could so use some sun!!! Hopefully tomorrow it'll be nice and sunny...BBQ's are so much more fun in the sun! And I'm wanting to let the boys roast marshmallows and make smores too...gotta have dry weather for that! I am planning Steaks, baked potatos and corn on the cob. (all of which I would LIKE to grill) I hope the weather co-operates.

I finally got the pieces to my dress cut out. I just love the fabric, but an a little annoyed too. When my sister and I went shopping for fabric we found this gorgeous periwinkle/lilac color...I estimated i would need about 7 1/2 yards to make the tunic full length. Well there was exactly 7 1/2 on the bolt...I was really concerned that if I messed up I would be screwed as that was ALL that was there. So I decided to go with my second choice the lovely pale blue. Well wouldn't you know, I laid out the pattern, cut out the pieces and well I have like 4 yards left over!!! GRRRR...I so could have bought the periwinkle. :-( Oh well...lesson learned...measure first to see how much fabric you need. So now I have like 4 yards of shimmery pale blue satin...I am seeing LOADS of pale blue dragons! LOL I will probably use some of it to make dollhouse bedding....ooh, my friends daughter has am American Girl doll...wonder if she has a bed, and might need bedding! :-D Ok so it's not all bad, I will make use of the rest of the fabric...eventually! LOL
The pics are of the folded stack of pieces ready to be sewn tomorrow and a close up of the wonderful blue color.

Today I made French Onion soup and fresh bread today. Now I have never been a fan of onions, and wouldn't have seen myself making Onion Soup 8 months ago, but hubby and I went on vacation back in October. We had lunch in this adorable little bistro, they were out of the other soup of the day, so i ended up with a bowl of french onion soup. The waitress was wonderful and tried to get as few of the onions as possible. She apologised beacuse there were still some in the bowl... I assured her it was not a problem. Well OMG...the soup was delicious, even with the onions. They literally melted in my mouth, and the flavor was heavenly. So I asked the waitress about it. She said the soup simmers all morning long until it's just right. So needless to say I now make it every couple of months. I start it early in the morning and jsut let it simmer away all day long, slowly adding small amounts of stock until it's perfect, right around dinner time! :-)


  1. i LOVE french onion soup but of course the best part is the melted cheese :)

  2. Ban, I couldn't agree more!!! It was really yummy!


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