Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today dawned bright and gorgeous...well at least I think it did. I was still asleep at dawn. lol but hey 10 am was bright and gorgeous. :-) I spent today running errands around town, and then fun of all fun grocery shopping. Hubby helped me put away the grocery and then made dinner. He made yummy Picante Chicken. And it tasted even better knowing I didn't have to slave over the stove for it. But it really really was yummy.
While out running today I picked up the movie "City of Ember" I bought it for the kids, but found myself quite intrigued by it. It's a story about an underground city built after some kind of world altering disaster. 200-some years later the city is falling apart and the generator is failing. 2 teens embark on finding the 'exit' from Ember. I highly recommend this even managed to keep our 4 year old intrigued!
Well I think I'm off to go play Chocolatier-Decade of Decadence for a while. This is the latest edition of the Chocolatier series that I adore. I mean a video game that involves chocolate...what's not to love! Tomorrow hubby and I are taking the boys out to one of the local state parks to go hiking. But I plan on doing some sculpting tomorrow, so hopefully look for some new goodies to come soon.
Night for now,


  1. if you liked the movie (which i took my 6 year old to) you should read the book :) though there were some definate changes in the movie i 'prefered'. that's not typical ...

  2. Thanks Nichol, I will look into the book. Generally I prefer the books over the you feel the book is better than the movie?


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