Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter Eggs

These eggs (there are 2 pics each for the 2 eggs I made) were made using a tutorial from PolyClayPlay, They are loads of fun, and I can definitely see this techinique being used in many different ways! i would love to do more, but sadly not enough time before this Easter. But there will definitely be some for next year!!! (oh yeah and can you jsut see the Christmas ornaments that this technique will make!!!! I can!!!)


  1. Wow ! you did well ! I love them ... But, as you say, time is often missing :)

  2. beautiful ! love the colors and textures ! ! ! thanks for the plug btw ;)

  3. Thank you all so very much! These eggs were great fun, and I look forward to taking many more over the year, that way I have flocks and flocks of them for NEXT Easter!
    Ban - it was my pleasure hun. :-)

  4. Wow!what gorgeous eggs I love the colors and patterns!


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