Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, hump day

Well here it is the middle of the week already. Wow time is really flying by. This time next week, I'll have taught my first polymer clay classes. I'm excited but still kinda nervous. The class is 55 minutes and I realized the other day, that making the heart pendants only take about 5 minutes! eeeek! but I figure we can talk some time to talk about the clay, and show off different ways to decorate them. Maybe I can even show off how to make some tiny clay flowers. Oh boy...the more I think about this the more nervous I get.
Thank goodness I have a week to relax and prepare. Of course in the meantime I need to finish 30 custom ornaments for a friend. I baked her pens today, I need to sand them and them add the pink clear coat to finish them off. But that won't take too long at all. I have 6 ornaments already baked, and another 7 ready to go in the oven. Only 17 more to go.
Then I need to make a couple more of my Lil Devils for a custom order going to Germany. Those little guys are quick easy and fun to make though. THEN I can play and make some mroe dragons!!! Oooh and now that my laptop is back, all my tutorials are back...I need to make a Mossy Creek hummingbird!!!! Yeah! So as soon as I finish my work...I can play! wheeee!

So hopefully by the end of this week I will have some new pictures to share with everyone.
By for tonight

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