Sunday, March 29, 2009

Make Mine Mini!

Mini dragons that is! I decided I wanted to see if I could possibly make my KW-style dragons smaller. So instead of my normal 6-10 ounces of clay I set out with simply 3! It was nerve wracking for sure, and honestly gotta say I'm glad I no longer have my acrylic nails!!! This little blue guy is about a third the size of my earlier dragons. I used Swarovski rhinestones for the eyes rather than beads. I forgot to put wing holes in, but I can easily drill them in later. So whatdya think?


  1. Hello. Va voir mon blog, il y a une surprise.

  2. He´s really cute, just as wonderful as the bigger ones.

  3. I just luv the little guy, but I am holding out waiting for a little girl to give my heart to --- So please create one !!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Miss Bonnie, give me some idea on colors and I'll see about a little lady for you. :-)


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