Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meet Harvey!

This is Harvey, he is a FuzzBunn! FuzzBunn's came out of the wonderfully creative mind of Christi Friesen Harvey is a fantastic blend of pearl, white, black and gold clay, as well as a neat clay called Granitex.

Today was a relaxing day for me. I spent the day finally doing some clay work just for me. I finished my mermaid...she has a tail and hands now too. I just need to paint her face and give her hair. And of course I made Harvey as well.

Depending on the weather tomorrow, we are planning on another hiking trip, of course if it rains I'll spend the day claying. So we'll see what the weather holds tomorrow. :-) My kids are off school tomorrow and hubby actually has the day off. So our weekend started today. So wishing y'all a wonderful weekend.

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  1. He is so cute!! You did a great job blending the colors. I like the little tongue some attitude he does!!



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