Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today's artist of the week is actually a chef! I hope you enjoy learning a little about Nicole of Nicole's Homemade Treats on etsy.
1. What brought you into your chosen craft or art?
I have been baking, cooking and making candy since I was a child. My Nonnas (grandmothers)taught me everything they knew and I enjoyed every minute I spent with them. On any given day we would make homemade pasta, bread or candy: the aromas that filled the house were enough to make you salivate!

To this day I try to make as many things from scratch as I can. I find that even when my days are hectic and I don't feel that I can do anything else, just making a simple batch of cookies relaxes me and brings back all the wonderful memories I have of my Nonnas.

All my family and friends are constantly trying to get me to open my own cafe/bakery, but I don't feel that it is a good idea, especially since I have young kids. Selling my "treats" to local restaurants/stores and having my Etsy shop are perfect for me at the present time.

I have the best of both worlds, I am a stay-at-home mom who is able to make goodies to share with others!

2. Do you have a favorite piece that you have created?
Since I make cakes, candy, granola and pastries, I don't consider them "Pieces." However, my homemade (organic) granola is my favorite item. I made up the recipe myself, use only the best ingredients possible, using organic products whenever possible. My granola is very versatile: you can eat it plain (it is great when you
are on the go), add milk to eat for a bowl of cereal or mix it with yogurt for a satisfying, yet healthy meal.

3. What would you tell someone who would like to venture into creating?

A.) Keep it simple.

B.) Do what you like & like what you do.

C.) Trust your instincts.

D.) Always use the best ingredients/products you possibly can.

E.) Don't make promises you cannot keep.

F.) Always say, "Please," and "Thank You."

Pictured Above Are: TOP RIGHT: Nicole's Homemade Organic Granola, TOP LEFT: Almond Turtles BOTTOM RIGHT: Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters BOTTOM LEFT: Milk Chocolate Peanut and Pretzel Bark

I hope you will take a few minutes to visit Nicole's shop! nicole also has a blog that you can visit to learn more about her.

Thanks Nicole for being Featured ARTIST of the WEEK!


  1. I like advice F. Yummy treats Nicole!

  2. Nicole, it was a pleaasure to feature you and your yummy goodies! (And I couldn't agree more...advice F is definitely wonderful advice!!!)


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