Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here it is Thursday already. My how time does fly. Today spent painting...nothing fun like pictures, but a big meeting room in a cheery buttery pale yellow. My friend and I got 3/4s of the room painted. I gotta head to bed early tonight, as we are meeting tomorrow at 9 to finish the job. Urgh, I am so not a morning person, so I will most likely be stopping for some java before hand. I don't drink much coffee, but like it when I have something I need to do in the mornings. Thankfully we should be done by lunch time. Hopefully I can get some more sculpting done. I have some Easter things I need to get up on my like NOW. LOL Last night I made 2 filigree Easter eggs following the tutorial from I made one open work...which btw happens during a 'magic' step! ;-) And the other is a solid one. I will take pics tomorrow and share. I had hoped to make more, but well as close as we are to Easter and knowing full well that I will be on vacation the week prior, well it seems kinda pointless. Oh well there are plenty of other holidays coming.
Oooh and it looks like I will be doing a 2-day craft show in May. So I am very excited about that. But man oh man I need to get busy. Hopefully I can start making a dragon or several smaller pieces a day from now till the begining of May. (except for my weeek at Disney!) Hopefully that'll go well!
Well I think I'm off to go soak in the tub. So y'all have a good night. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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