Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eeek It's Saturday!

Yikes Friday just flew by...most likely since both the hubby and the boys were home. Donnie and I were up late Thursday night, so we ended up not going hiking, and today is grey and not today either, maybe tomorrow, but we shall see what the weather does. Sooo anyways I went out yesterday to get our sticker for Donnie's car, and then off to go shopping. Donnie needed a base and some landscaping materials for his sculpture and I needed...well I didn't NEED anything. But when has that ever stopped a crafter! LOL So I picked up some ribbon, I decided that my mermaid will have a removeable 'net' bikini top for modesty's sake! LOL I also bought several more colors of Tulip fabric paint for making dragon wings, um oh and I found some artists acrylic paints on clearance for mixing with liquid polymer clay as well. Hmm what else did I buy yesterday...oh another face mold, some binder clips needed to support paper clips while backing, and some florists foam to carve into a 'reef' for my mermaids garden.
I stopped into Books A Million looking for the new POlymer Cafe magazine, but they didn't have it. Sadly they are the only place in town that carries it anymore...none of the craft stores do!!! So I guess I'm off to track it down online. But while there I picked up an audio book by Laurell K Hamilton. She writes mythical/mystical romance books. (be wary she is um...spicy! lol) I love to read and was hesitant about buying books to "listen" to, but it was wonderful to be albe to listen to a story while working. So I think I will definitely be buying more audio books. :-)
After fixing dinner I sat down to create another dragon. I wanted a springy green one, so I mixed up a gorgeous greeny-gold color and set about following Sally's directions.
Check out the start here! And listened to my book and sculpted away. The little guy gave me some trouble...his head fell off!!! But I put his head it the freezer to chill while I strengthened his body and neck. Then added his head back on and continued sculpting. I loved the way he turned out and into the 'sauna' as Sally calls it, he went. While he was baking I decided to make another one...this one based off the lovely pansies growing in my flower beds. So I pulled up a picture I had taken and set about mixing my colors! Again following Sally's awesome directions a pretty little girl dragon was born. They still need their finishing touches, but hopefully they will be ready to photograph tomorrow. (and hopefully the weather will co-operate tomorrow to allow some shooting too! :-) ) So check back tomorrow to see my new dragons.
Well I'm off to go create something...I think it'll be a Mossy Creek Designs Hummingbird! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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