Saturday, March 21, 2009


My how the days fly by! My last post was Thursday and here it is Saturday already! I have been pretty un-creative the last few sculpting...gotta do some house cleaning. Ugh! I so wish I could afford a cleaning service. I so do not like cleaning. Alas I can't afford a maid so I guess I gotta do it. I today I've got to get my kitchen table cleaned off and well as do some tidying in our living room. Then I need to get out my jewelry making supplies and make several pieces. A very good friends daughter asked me to make her Prom jewelry again this year, so I need to make up a few examples for her to choose from. I also have a couple pieces for another good friend...Her hubby is deploying later this year so I am fixing a couple Support pieces for her. And I still have several custom Medical Alert bracelets to make for another friend. So this weekend will be spent playing in the beadies! But hopefully I'll get enough cleaning done to relax and do some claying next week.
I have another dragon waiting for wings, that maybe I'll get to this week. She is a pretty sleepy little gal, in a pretty coral color. So hopefully pics of her coming soon too.
Oh and be sure to check back next Tuesday for another featured artist...and let me just say this one will be scrum-dil-y-umtious! :-D
Y'all have a great weekend!!!

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