Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Middle of the Week Already!

Can you believe it? Maybe it's just me but time really seems to be flying. Today I actually got some crafting done in between loads of Laundry. I have had a dragon waiting for wings for over a week now. I finally got her wire 'framework' done, as well as painted the fabric for her wings. So tomorrow I'll do the next steps and hopefully by Friday she will have wings and be ready for her debut. After that I made a couple of 'filigree' easter eggs. One needs to be baked tomorrow but the other is done...well almost. I am in the process of making it a hollow 'openwork' egg...and it'll take a couple days for the magic to happen.
I'll do some more claying tomorrow morning, but tomorrow afternoon I'd be painting. Nothing fancy, we are painting one of the meeting rooms at my husbands unit. But when I get home it'll be back to the clay...I want to make some more Easter eggs. Oh and I have a couple custom pieces I need to make for a friend.
Well it's late so I'm off for now, until tomorrow.

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