Sunday, March 1, 2009

SNOW in Southern Georgia!!!

I was awoken this morning with the gleeful voice of my youngest child! "It's snowing!!!" Sure enough I peeked out the window to find a light coating of snow on the grass. Light fluffy flakes were falling at a pretty steady pace. The boys needed to clean their rooms before they could go out and play, so for once those rooms got cleaned in record time! :-D We bundled up (as best a southern family who hasn't seen snow in almost 7 years can) and headed outside. H & B had so much fun running around in the thick slushy snow. Throwing snowballs and just having a wonderful time. I took quite a few pics and then came back inside. The boys played outside until they were soaked and chilled. I brought them in, had them change clothes and made them some cocoa. We put their clothes, shoes and everything in the dryer so they could get nice and toasty warm. We watched the 2nd LOTR movie and had popcorn. After getting nice and warm again, the boys all bundled up and went back out to enjoy the brief snow. I didn't get any claying done, or really anything for that matter but it was a wonderful day. I hope everyone else had a safe and warm day.

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